What about women and porn?

In light of last week's post, it felt important to explore this topic, too. After we've answered this question, we'll take a look at how women's consumption of pornography is featured in Accounting for it All. Let's get right to it then: Yes. Women, too, consume pornography. If that's surprising to you, well, get a grip.… Continue reading What about women and porn?

What about men?

You can un-nock your arrows, I promise. This isn't going to be some misguided #NotAllMen diatribe or a disappointing foray through the whiny realms of "Why has everyone stopped paying attention to us boys?" No, today we're exploring the role men play in the consumption of pornography, and how that consumption is framed in society's prevailing… Continue reading What about men?

Accounting for it All: May Update

Similar content originally appeared on rrcampbellwrites.com, home of Accounting for it All author, r. r. campbell.   Fellow Pornucopians! As of the date of this post, there are exactly 192 days until the release of Accounting for it All, the novel from which this site gets its namesake. So how are things progressing where the book is concerned?… Continue reading Accounting for it All: May Update

What do we mean by prevailing and countervailing narratives of pornography?

In last week's post, I made reference to both prevailing and countervailing narratives of pornography. But what, exactly, is meant by that? What are these narratives and why are they important? And how are they incorporated into Accounting for it All? Let's take these questions one-by-one, beginning with definitions: prevailing narratives: the attitudes and arguments a culture… Continue reading What do we mean by prevailing and countervailing narratives of pornography?

What is feminist pornography?

No, "feminist pornography" isn't an oxymoron---at least it doesn't have to be. But to answer the question of what exactly it is in a single blog post is perhaps a fool's errand; it's the centerpiece of an entire collection of essays, after all, which are bound together nicely in the righteously unapologetic The Feminist Porn Book.… Continue reading What is feminist pornography?