The Romance-Erotica Spectrum: What about Accounting for it All?

As author Stefanie Simpson wrote two weeks ago, romance and erotica sit on a far broader spectrum than one might imagine at first glance, particularly when one considers society's prevailing narratives about these genres so often---and so disappointingly---cast aspersions on the validity of them entirely. Rather than rehash the points Stefanie presented so adeptly in… Continue reading The Romance-Erotica Spectrum: What about Accounting for it All?

July Update: Accounting for it All

One might think there's still plenty of time between now and the release of Accounting for it All given that there are still 131 days until November 19th, but with how fast time has flown this summer, I feel like I could wake up tomorrow and release date would be here! I'm grateful that (probably) won't happen though,… Continue reading July Update: Accounting for it All

What about sex?

It might seem odd to ask this question on a blog named Thursdays at Pornucopia. I mean, the whole thing is ultimately about sex, right? Well, yes and no. We are looking at topics in pornography and the sex-work industry in general, but at its core this blog is about people---both those who work in the… Continue reading What about sex?

What about the slippery slope?

Again this week we'll turn to Lorelei Lee's "A Feminist Porn Star Manifesta" in The Feminist Porn Book, this time to examine the notion of the slippery slope and its argument that "women in porn are 'forced' to do more 'extreme' performances" as time goes on in order to remain relevant and earn more money. As… Continue reading What about the slippery slope?

What about exploitation?

The prevailing narratives surrounding exploitation in pornography often center around the idea that actors or models---especially women---are taken advantage of by producers for personal profit. In The Feminist Porn Book, Lorelei Lee argues that this narrative has its foundation in the idea that those who join the industry as on-camera talent are driven there as… Continue reading What about exploitation?